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Various amazing textiles are made with different varieties of organic cotton yarn such as,
10/1 bulky yarn to 90/1 extra fine smooth yarn,
and naturally coloured cotton and deep coloured grandrelle yarn.



Panoco Trading Co. only carries products with 100% organic cotton yarn, certified by international certification body approved by IFOAM and GOTS.

We control each yarn by keeping them separated by every imported lot number, in order to ensure traceability of all our textiles, from the production to the sales.

Production of unbleached textiles strictly complies with NOC (Nippon Organic Cotton Marketing Organization) requirements and uses only PVA(polyvinyl alcohol).



All textiles are made in various places throughout Japan, such as the Sensyu area, which is famous for blankets; the Sanbi area known for its denim production; and the Imabari area that is renowned for pile fabrics among others.

Our textiles are washed by a jet dyeing machine, which treats the material gently during the process, and provides a rich and smooth texture.

The textiles are laundered with organic detergent containing all natural ingredients made by the German company Sonett, which gives long lasting softness.

We have several different facilities for the dyeing process. We determine which facility is best according to our client’s request. Options include industry produced natural dyes and dyes with OECO-TEX® Standard 100


There are more than 200 different types of fabrics in stock, starting from 50m.

We also have organic cotton materials including sewing machine thread, taffeta tape, spindles, and sewing elastic.

Pecora Pecora Pecora
Yarn: bioRe
This textile is produced in Imabari City, Ehime,
which is known for high quality towel production.
The shearing method gives uniqueness to this soft and highly absorbent fabric.
100% Organic Cotton
40/1 typewriter cloth 40/1 typewriter cloth 40/1 typewriter cloth
40/1 Typewriter cloth
Yarn: bioRe
The weft of this textile is woven strongly and densely by using a traditional shuttle loom.
This fabric has a unique bounce and resilience with a pleasant rustling sound.
100% Organic Cotton
90/1 twill 90/1 twill 90/1 twill
90/1 Twill
Yarn: Swiss
Delicate, extra fine yarn is used for this fabric that not only drapes elegantly,
but also hugs your body softly.
This textile flows like a gentle breeze when you walk.
100% Organic Cotton
KAMAKURA blanket KAMAKURA blanket KAMAKURA blanket
Kamakura Blanket
Yarn: bioRe
The weft is threaded by a raising machine,
which creates a bulky, airy textile.
This fabric is very soft and warm.
100% Organic Cotton
60/1 single jersey 60/1 single jersey 60/1 single jersey
60/1 Single jersey
Yarn: Swiss
Extra long fibers give natural shine and smoothness to this fabric,
and provide gracefulness to this normally casual textile.
100% Organic Cotton