WHITE COTTON / WILD COTTON Peru [Primitive organic cotton from Peru, the home of the cotton flower]

White cotton/ Wild cotton is organic cotton produced in Peru, which is the home of the cotton flower.
There are two different White cotton yarns with different bleeds.
We also have very rare Wild cotton.

Characteristics of White cotton (PERU PIMA)

① Cultivation area : Lambayeque
② Feature : Grossy and smooth feel
③ Count : Ne50/1, 60/1

Characteristics of White cotton(TANGUIS)

① Cultivation area : Pisco
② Feature : Fluffy and wild textures


① Cultivation area : San Martin
② Feature : Primitive and wild textures
③ Count : Ne20/1, 30/1, 40/1


We started to import organic cotton yarn from Peru in 1996.
At the time, most of the yarns were mainly imported from the United States, but we started importing from Peru since we had discovered that cotton originated in Latin and South America.

Wild cotton and White cotton yarns are all imported from Peru.
Today, we also deal in PERU PIMA.