SWISS COTTON Switzerland/USA [Supima cotton, the best quality organic cotton, spun in Switzerland]

Swiss cotton is primarily known as the world’s highest quality yarn, and the name is given only to yarn spun in Switzerland.
The yarn, using Supima cotton grown in the U.S.A.,
which is one of the top three highest quality cotton producing countries, shines like silk and has a beautiful texture on the skin.
This yarn is rare and contains the great triple threat of Swiss, Supima and Organic cottons.

Characteristics of Swiss, Supima and Organic cottons

1. Using only ELS (extra long staple) Supima cotton
2. Shines like silk and has a very smooth texture
3. Unbleached and has a slightly strong colour
4. Yarn is made by Hermann Buhler AG, a world renowned high-quality yarn maker
5. Certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and IMO.


We have been importing organic cotton from Hermann Buhler AG for over 10 years.
Currently, we have a variety of textiles using rare yarn such as 60/1 and 90/1.

“Swiss Cotton Organic” LABEL

Any products that use this yarn can attach the label
“Swiss Cotton Organic”,
if the product covers the following conditions:

1 The product has to use 100% Swiss Cotton Organic yarn or textile made by Hermann Buhler AG.
(It is possible to use up to 10% elastic yarn).
2 There are no limitations on processing standards,
however we encourage environmentally friendly methods.